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EBOOK: Manifesting Flow | Best Selling Spiritual eBook

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I too once bought into the idea of hard work, swet, no-pain-no-gain, and sacrificing one's health, family, and time to manifest your dreams until the day I discovered this beautiful state called FLOW. This book will show you how you can still work, get a lot done, accomplish your goals while feeling bliss through the whole process. 

You get to see how working with stress freezes your psychic energy and emotional energy to create a delay in tasks being accomplished and manifestations not happening with ease and grace . Your body is part of the universe and when energy is not flowing with ease inside your body, your desires also struggle to manifest. 

FLOW is the first thing we ought to manifest before work and keep experiencing during work. It's been scientifically proven time and time again that stress is the number one promoter of illnesses. We experience stress because we are functioning disconnected from the magnificent flow of LOVE that is available within us all. 

You can call that flow of LOVE, God, Holy Spirit, Christ, or Higher Self, or Higher Consciousness, it does not matter to IT. It is real, it is powerful, and you have already experienced it--at least once. I am sure there were times you felt so joyful, filled with absolute gratitude and contentment that nothing else mattered. I am sure you did. Even if it did not last. 

The secret is to understand what that high feeling we are calling FLOW is, and how it gets activated. And this is what this Book is going to teach you. Understanding is the essence of enlightenment and enlightenment is the power of what we call heightened perception--the way you see things. 

When you change the way you see things, the things you see change from the way you FEEL them into your actions and doingness. You no longer have to see work as something hard. But as an experience and opportunity to connect with the flow of LOVE.

You no longer have to work all stressed out, deal with life's challenges with stress, or try to make your dreams come true with stress. You don't have to. Step into the FLOW and co-create with a power Higher than your intellect.