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After writing my first successful book on manifestation, I have always wanted to design a simple script of manifestation to help my readers experience faster results manifesting their desires. 

The first manuscript was bigger because it touches all aspects of life. That was eleven years ago. The first manuscrit I have published was titled: Secrets To Divine Manifestations, and has helped a lot of people according to the reviews on Amazon and from my students. 

However, I could never stop the impulse to write a shorter version of the portion of the first book that solely focuses on manifestation. During my meditation I was able to finally channel MANIFESTAMENT. 

I believe this whole life is about manifestation. We are here to manifest a greater destiny by manifesting a new and greater ven of who we are. This is the reason why manifesting from a place of wholeness is important. Because in the end we are all that is left to us. 

MANIFESTAMENT makes the process of manifesting easy and more enjoyable from that place of wholeness