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EBOOK: Manifestament

EBOOK: Manifestament

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You will agree with me that as humans we have a lot of desires. This is the reason why: We have four major pillars of our lives that we want to see ourselves do well in by meeting our needs: The Self, Finances, Relationships, and Health. And the challenge is that within each one of these pillars, we have multiple subcategories. This is why it's difficult to sometimes focus our energy on one desire. 

BUT the challenge with that is this: As we continue to move between desires we lose groundedness and don't build enough energy to manifest anything at all. By the time we try to focus on one desire and build energy for it, another desire comes along. This makes the process of manifestation and attraction very annoying at times. 

Many desires in addition to life's unpredictable challenges create a lot of distractions causing us to lose momentum in the process of manifesting and attracting. It seems at times as if having many needs actually make manifestation harder. In this book, I help the ready reach a state of alignment between our three energy centers by learning a simple technique to sort out his or her desires in order to manifest and attract from a place of wholeness. 

In the end, what's the point of manifesting and attracting while you are stressed, unfulfilled, and feeling disconnected from who you truly are. It makes no sense. After writing my first successful book on manifestation, I have always wanted to design a simple script of manifestation to help my readers and students experience faster results manifesting their desires. This script is finally here. It is called MANIFESTAMENT. Enjoy!
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