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EBOOK: The Map (A Clear Explanation On How The Law Of Attraction Works With Your Aura)

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People are not stupid. I believe if we were all given a clear, plain, and simple way to do something, we could do it. When it comes to the law of manifestation and the law of attraction, the difficulty to get results is not so much with people. The issue is the fact that there often is a missing step in the understanding of how these laws work. 

Understanding is power, especially clear understanding. For example, we hear about ENERGY most of the time when it comes to the law of manifestation and the law of attraction. The question is what exactly do we mean by energy or that our energy determines how we manifest. 

In this book I explained how imagination produces what we call a mental energy generated by our neurons. Then, these mental energies are transformed into chemicals or hormones such as dopamine, serotonin, aoccitocyne, or cortisol and all the others--depending on the nature or quality of what we are thinking or imagining. 

We also hear a lot about aura, vibration, frequency and so forth. Which one is what and how do we make the distinction between them? In this book you get to clearly see how the  chemicals our brain generates become our emotions and our emotions vibrate out of the body to become electromagnetic waves which become part of our aura. 

You will finally have a clear step about where you are in your process of manifesting or attracting. You will be able to move your mental energy into emotional energy, and then the emotional energy into your aura where it becomes a vibe or a vibration; and then move the vibe into the universe where it becomes a frequency. 

Confusion is a big blockage to getting results in anything. You will be shocked to see, reading this book, how big is the role our body and physiology play in the process of manifesting and attracting. 

Listen, anyone is able to get results with faith combined with clear inspired actions if they are shown the clear meaning of words and how things work. This is what I believe. As you read this book, make sure to take simple notes for action. This is a book you can finish reading in a day to get all the practical steps in place and then start manifesting. 

You will be able to see where your understanding was not complete. You will also realize that so much is to be enjoyed through the process of manifesting and attracting way before the physical manifestation itself takes place. 

Finally the book explains how and when the law of attraction is activated and what role telepathy has to play in the process of manifesting alongside synchronicity and serendipity.