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The Map ( Free Preview ) | Spiritual Growth Book

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I believe a lot of people will reach their destination in life had they been shown in the most simplest and loving way the road to take. To me, we all have been created with the divine potential to manifest the life we desire. 

Having a map to create your life is the most reassuring and grounding thing--I will say. I have started the process of writing Spiritual Instant Books from this idea of offering people a map to reach any place they choose to reach in life. 

THE MAP explains with absolute clarity how our thoughts become energy and exactly how the energy performs itself in the universe to become our reality. THE MAP is going to remove the spookiness of the law of attraction and manifestation out of the way for a lot of people. 

It’s truly a MAP, it is not just a title. And it is truly ridiculously easy to manifest. I use that word “ridiculously” because I can remember how difficult my mind used to think of manifestation and all the troubles I had to go through to manifest.