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How to move Mountains ( Free Preview ) | Spiritual Awaking Books

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I have read in THINK AND GROW RICH how Napoleon Hill used to have a conversation with the consciousness of different leaders who were no longer present in their body, in this physical dimension. This did not really surprise me since from childhood I was already familiar with seeing people who have passed away.


 So, I decided to connect to the consciousness of Jesus Christ in my meditation and ask him about “moving mountains” which is a synonym of moving life’s challenges out of your way. The experience hits me like a lightning bolt. After my first contact with the consciousness of Jesus Christ, I learned so much from him that I started to make multiple contacts with other leaders who have left their powerful energies on the planet.


 The insights I have collected from these transcendental conversations became a collection of instant books I titled: THE LIGHTENING BOLT METHOD. When I first published the collection, many people were not ready for it. So, I took it off the market. And some of my students who read it cannot really access the transformational power within the insights until way later. So, I decided not to share the collection with anyone else until the right time comes. The truth is every inspired book is written before its time. I did not know this wisdom before.


Consequently, I have released hundreds of works before their time. And I also removed most of them from the martket when I realized that finishing a writing does not mean you have to put it in front of the public right away. All my other materials about conversations with people of elevated consciousness that I wrote back then were life transforming, including this one about moving mountains.


 This conversation about moving mountains is epic. It has changed my life and my way of dealing with the so-called “problems” or “Challenges” of life. As a matter of fact, the insights in this book have helped me not to even see problems or challenges. But doorways into a higher experience of life.