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Daily Pay As You Go Life-Mastery Spiritual Coaching Proggram

Daily Pay As You Go Life-Mastery Spiritual Coaching Proggram

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This coaching program has three simple layers to help you bring more joy and material stability into your daily life. Because we all need these two things. 

Here are the three layers before I explain what you will experience from each one of them:

  1. Layer 1: Shift your identity to…
  2. Layer 2: Shift your energy to…
  3. Layer 3: Shift your 3D reality 


The first layer is about learning to shift your identity by turning ON [inside your body] at will, intentionally, and whenever you want your happiness through what I call the seven energies of God.

They are Peace, Tranquility, Serenity, Joy, Enthusiasm, Bliss, and Unconditional love. These seven energies are released from your main seven energy centers inside your body.

Once you are able to turn these energies on at will, and anytime you choose to, you have awakened pure happiness inside your body; and to me, this pure happiness is God or your highest self. 

ONCE we complete this step, you have achieved SELF-MASTERY—and it stays with you. 



Now, from your new identity or pure state of happiness, I will show you how to shift your default personal energy in THE WAY YOU: 

A) Interpret your daily challenges 

B) Condition your mind daily 

C) Telepathically interact with others

D) Decipher signs & dreams 

E) Energetically handle money 

F) Manage time daily 

G) Handle technology daily 

H) Feed your body daily 

I) Have fun daily 

J) Budget your TIME daily 

H) Healing from a loss 

ONCE this layer is completed, you will have a clean flow of energy moving through you on a daily basis to align your work, business, and relationships with the experience of:

  • True wellness 
  • True well-being 
  • True wealth 

ONCE we accomplish this layer, you have achieved life mastery



Do nothing! Because everything is already done in layers 1 and 2. You simply repeat the process. 

Hi, my name is Alain Dagba. I am a Spiritual Teacher and Coach. My calling in this incarnation is to assist people in living life from their highest identity or God which to me is pure happiness; so that they can experience true wellness, true well-being, and true wealth. 


Much Love,

Alain Yaovi Dagba

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