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CashTegram 1-on-1 Coaching System

CashTegram 1-on-1 Coaching System

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If you choose to learn more about Cashtegram, it only means one thing: You want to manifest more time and more freedom into your life so that you can live the life of your dreams. A dream life with no financial stress, more traveling, and more wonderful experiences with the people you love. 


CashTegram will awaken within you the power to create the life of your dreams via money-mastery. Listen, money will continue to change as the world evolves, but our dreams for freedom of time to do the things we desire to do may never change. 


A completely new understanding of money that will blow your mind, a potent shift in your perception of money, healing of your relationship with money, becoming more financially and emotionally intelligent, raise your vibration to become more magnetic to money in your personal life and your business. 

There are many good surprises along the way. 

Not having money in your bank account or at your disposal to pay your bills is not your real struggle with money.
Billionaires have debts; so, do countries and many governments in the world.
And some of the wealthiest people’s debt will make your debt look like a joke.
If you are struggling with not having enough money to take care of your needs, the issue comes from you confusing the symbol of money with the money itself.
The papers and the coins you call money are the logo of the real money. It took me a while to discover this truth.
And still, to this day, many people will read and hear what I am writing here and won’t be able to understand it, comprehend it, or even accept it.
This is due to the fact that the limiting and toxic beliefs about money that are engraved in our consciousness are not easy things to uproot.
More than learning, it’s unlearning that brings enlightenment.
If your emotions are controlled by money, it simply means you are not free. You are a slave to money.
Any entity that has power over your heart is your master. And no slave can order his or her master to perform a task at his or her command.
Until you become a master of money, the real money, you will be struggling with money for the rest of your life.
Until you stop calling the symbol of money the real money, you will work hard and tirelessly all your life trying to make money, save money, and keep money.
I have some questions for you: if money was your best friend and she decided to end your relationship with her because she heard you think and say some unpleasant, negative, and hurtful things about her…
…and the only condition she gave you in order to offer you a chance to stay with her is for you to confess those unpleasant, negative, and hurtful thoughts to her, what will be those thoughts?
If money was a person—a friend, how would she feel if she heard you think and say, “My love for money is the root of all my evil,” how would she feel?
I know, I know, some of you will say, “It’s in the Bible.” Of course, I know it’s in the Bible. I am not stupid. Okay? But I am showing you what money really is.
Let’s say money wants you to spend her only on the things that will support your mental and emotional wellness…
…your physical and spiritual well-being, and other things that will make her feel like you are not using her to waste your precious time on earth…
And she said once you stop using her to acquire things that are destroying your life, your time, and your relationship with people…
…she will make herself more abundant in your life, what are some things you will stop buying with money?
And what if money wanted you to let her out so she could become more fruitful, but you chose to chain her inside your pocket and your bank account until she found a way to escape, do you think she will return to you?
Are you waking up slowly to what money really is? Are you? Listen to what the ancients said about money:
“Cast but a glance at riches, and they are gone, for they will surely sprout wings and fly off to the sky like an eagle” (Probers 23:5)
All over the world in many spiritual communities, you have heard that money is energy. But let me tell you. That’s just a ridiculously small understanding of money.
Listen, someone with a very less money (as logo) can actually be wealthier than a millionaire if you truly understand what real money is.
Let me go deeper with you. If you are reading this it means you must know some spiritual truths.
So, you probably already know that LOVE is the greatest magnetic force in the universe.
Are you able to comfortably say “I love money”?
I mean truly 100% say it?
Please understand that whatever you love, love magnetizes to you. But can you say to money, if she was your friend, “I love you?’?
Here is the truth: money is an archetype, a psychic archetype inside your brain that hears all the thoughts, feelings, and accusations you have toward her.
And based on those thoughts she decides to either repel or bring her symbol into your life. Let's learn about money. Let's have money serve us. 





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