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eBook: Neville Next Level - Vol 1: The Random Hand Technique

eBook: Neville Next Level - Vol 1: The Random Hand Technique

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"I don't intend to waste words in this book. My aim is for you to undergo an experience that yields tangible results, inspiring your belief in the effectiveness of the spiritual technique you are about to use in this book. 


Many books and videos on Neville's teachings already exist. Why another one? You may ask.

BECAUSE it’s solving a crucial issue when it comes to manifestation. The issue of the concept of SELF. 

YES, the RANDOM HAND TECHNIQUE will help you manifest money, but more so an asset that keeps bringing money so you don’t keep needing money. BUT, for any manifestation to last, you need to have the correct concept of “self”. WHY?


What are you conscious of being? For that being there is a matching state, and for that matching state there is a corresponding physical experience in the material world.

So, the BEING, the STATE, and the 3D EXPERIENCE are ONE. You change the BEING, the STATE will change and the 3D EXPERIENCE must shift.

What you are conscious of BEING is your concept of self. The STATE it inhabits in consciousness is its rightful home or mansion. And the physical world will be its mirror.

Being buried in a grave of matter is being materialistic.

And to be materialistic is to have the unique belief that the 3D EXPERIENCE or the material world creates the STATE, and the STATE creates the concept of self—so you wait on the material world to tell you who to BE.

The truth is you are free to create and embody a new concept of self anytime you wish—this is the privilege of spiritual birth granted to mankind.

You do not need to turn stone (material World) into bread (spiritual substance) to at last prove to yourself that you are a child of God.

Could you feel yourself into the imaginal body of the person you wish to be? For such a person a state already exists. The state is not going to be invented anew. It already exists.

But would you sit, quiet your mind, multiple times a day—if you should—and assume in a relaxed state of mind BEING the person you would like to be? Would you do it, or would you keep on waiting on the material world to tell you who you wish to be?

Every forceful change in the 3D world is temporary when not rightfully generated by the appropriate concept of self through a state.

It will fade away.

For the 3D experience is maintained by the state and the state is maintained by its corresponding self. The self and the state are like father and mother to the 3D world.

Do you have a situation in the 3D that is not changing ? Please, check the being in you and see how he or she is reacting to the situation. That will reveal to you the state you are in.

The victim self will fall into a state where the guilty ones are punished. And in the 3D world they will have to experience situations that will confirm their self-condemnation which is the hell of scripture.

But the self that is free and is totally immersed in love, is in heaven, a state of harmony, and his or her experiences in the 3D world will match this harmony.

So, how do you deeply feel about yourself? You can change that today, you know, if you wish to.

You can gatherer ideas (mental particles) from your own imagination and form a new concept of self in you, and breathe (feel after him) into it the breath of life, and it will become a living soul inside your body.

If you learn to master the art of designing a concept of yourself that will match the birthing state of the physical experience you wish to have, then the scripture that says “to take off the old self” and “put on the new self which is created to be like God…” it’s fulfilled in you.

I want you to have a genuine experience, not just because you are looking for another collection of knowledge that excites you but produces no results. This book will get you results if you do what it says. 

The Random Hand Technique is to uniquely manifest money from the concept of self that can manage money, invest money, respect the energy of money, and make money serve the world. 

Listen, you don't have to be a millionaire or a billionaire to be happy. You may not even have it all figured out.

But knowing that God in you is able to provide you with what you need daily, is a very powerful faith based on results to have.

As you begin reading, you'll notice that I've written the book in short, large-print characters with simple words. This is intentional, designed to immerse your mind into the state of the wish fulfilled as you read--immediately. You, yourself, will notice this to be true as you start reading. 

The book is tailored to update and upgrade your concept of self while you are reading--immediately. Before you even start practicing the random hand technique, you'll have already mastered the law of assumption in a simple yet powerful way.

I've included scriptures to honor Neville's passion for them. I look forward to hearing your testimonials." ALAIN YAOVI M DAGBA (The Author)

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