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eBook: The Book Of Courage

eBook: The Book Of Courage

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"My condolences", people will often say to you when your loved one or someone you love has made the transition. Those two words are important—don't get me wrong. But, those two words, no matter how sincere they sound and are intended to be, do not have the capacity to heal a grieving heart. 

Souls are spirit travelers who make a brief stop on earth.

They can come through a process of birth or through a simple encounter. Then they become what we call a father, a mother, a child, a friend, a cousin, a grandfather, an auntie, and so forth. These are names or titles we give to souls based on how we relate to them and how we experience them within.

This title-based-relationship we develop with souls make us forget that they are passing through just as we are. For a long period of time we get used to the idea of them being here with us and we forget that the earth was just their stop sign. They must continue the journey after they stop for a while.

You will not only find peace reading this book, but will also mature in your understanding of life and death and find a great gift in the transition of your loved one.

Our educational system does not teach anything about death. So, most people are only living, and forget that death is also part of our learning experience. And because we don't know much about it, we suffer greatly when it happens. The purpose of this book is to educate you about death and shed light on the importance of understanding the soul's journey and be able to value that journey from start to finish; not just a portion of it. 

Enjoy reading this book and share it with others. 


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