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Dear Friend,

Forgiveness is a powerful art. You are not resenting because you are an evil person. As a matter of fact, you are not resenting. You are incapable of resenting. 

The issue is that your body is resenting. What does that mean? Well, in your true essence you want to be happy and see everyone happy. Right? 

Of course that's what we all want. So, we cannot want something so beautiful for ourselves and at the same time want its opposite. 

But if we feel the opposite of what we want in our body, it's because our human nature which is expressed through the body has its own way of processing energies. 

There are different types of energies the body processes: food energies, mental energies (thoughts) emotional energies (feelings), spiritual energies, and so forth. 

When you eat or consume something the body does not like, the body will get sick and try everything to push it out. 

If you consume any thoughts and feelings they body does not like, the body will get sick--which is what resentment is--and try to push it out--which you feel like anger, frustration, and avoidance. 

In this eBOOK, you are about to experience enlightenment. You see my friend, what you call resentment could actually lead you to your highest calling on earth. This is what this eBOOK teaches. And I cannot wait for you to experience it. 

Much Love, 

Alain Dagba 

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