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EBOOK: How to move Mountains | Spiritual Awaking Books

EBOOK: How to move Mountains | Spiritual Awaking Books

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The mountain is not the problem you are facing. It is the feeling or the energy the problem is creating inside your psyche, heart, or gut. The way you feel about the problem is the soul of the problem. As long as the soul of the problem remains inside your psyche, your heart, and your gut, the problem remains in the outside world. 

In this fully illustrated book, you get to learn how to dissolve problems and challenges out of your life by moving the mountain they represent inside you. Listen, a problem could appear to go away, but as long as the energy or the feeling they represent remains in you, another problem has to come to match it. 

I am sure you have seen people with serious handicaps and life threatening diseases accomplish great things in this world. How were they able to do that? They moved the mountain or the toxic feelings or energies that represent the challenge out of their psyche, heart, and gut. It's as if the challenge has become irrelevant. That's the power of real faith. It is not a wish. It's a real spiritual substance. 

Just like the body falls and disintegrates when the soul leaves the body, so do the problems of our lives fall and disintegrate out of our consciousness when the feeling or energy that represents them falls out and disintegrates. Out of consciousness, out of life. A body with no soul is dead. A problem with no energy or feeling to support it is as dead.


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