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EBOOK: Secrets To Divine Manifestations

EBOOK: Secrets To Divine Manifestations

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I have written this book for people who want to be well-grounded in a real experience of their truest spiritual identity, people who want to know for sure if there truly is a greater purpose to their personal existence, how they can know for sure what that purpose is, and how they can achieve it in order to experience a happier, healthier, and wealthier lifestyle through simple but practical spiritual understanding and the correct usage of the God-given laws or the ancient secrets of the universe. 


There are three major reasons why I have written this book for these people. Here is the first reason. Though I myself was born with some spiritual and psychic abilities, I have had serious difficulties just being happy about myself due to not knowing who I truly was beside the preset labels they society has created to worship or to reject. 

We have been told by many scholars that we are the product of our environment and life experiences. But my question is: Who were we before our environment and life experiences? Should there not be a difference between who we are and who we have become? Should there not be a difference between the person and the personalities? Is our person not from God and our personalities from our environment and life experiences? If yes, how can we then access the person? 

Here is my second reason for writing this book. Growing up, I have seen so many people not feeling right in their own skin or not living out their full potential because they don't know who they are or because they have been locked into a toxic identity that is controlling the way they feel about themselves; especially through doctrines taught by organized religions. As a result, their view of who they are, who or what God is, how life is supposed to work, how to deal with people, and how to live in this beautiful universe has been distorted. 

This chronic distortion has brought so many people into depression, anxiety, and choices that are way below their true power to perform on this earthly platform as divine beings. 

My last reason for writing this book is this: During my spiritual mentoring sessions with people as a ministry leader or a life coach, I have met so many people who have become addicted to knowledge and training and seminars but are not moving forward in life. They have read all types of books on faith, affirmations, prayers, manifestation, the law of attraction and other self-help and personal development books, yet they are not living the happier, healthier, and wealthier lifestyle they are looking so desperately for. One thing was missing, and that is not knowing by experience who they are and being well-grounded in that. 


I wanted my objective to be reached using my personal experience. In order to achieve this goal, I had to experience who I AM in God first. So, I have to make a few bold decisions. My first decision was this: To put aside everything I have ever been told about myself, life, God, people, and the universe. I just did not care anymore about who said what and how the world worships them by their educational degrees, the miracles they can perform, or their achievements. I wanted to experience the truth so that I could own it. 

Then, I made a second decision which is to fast and pray and ask the indwelling presence of Life or God to show me the truth about me, God, life, people, and the universe. Oh, boy! Was I in for a huge surprise! You bet. Yes, I was. During those forty days of fasting filled with revelations mixed with the pain of me and so many others being victims of lies, I was able to reach an unusual state of peace that at the same time felt familiar to my soul. You can call it whatever you want. Some call it enlightenment. Some call it awakening. I call it the REBIRTH of my soul.

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