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WORK-E-BOOK: Finding Clarity in Your Decision to Date Again

WORK-E-BOOK: Finding Clarity in Your Decision to Date Again

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Introducing Finding Clarity in Your Decision to Date Again (eBook). Each day you will work on a specific topic for 7 minutes for 11 consecutive days. By the time you finish, you will have absolute clarity to make an insightful decision about you dating again or not dating at all.  

This work-e-book will give you the power to search your soul and understand the timing you are in. It will open your mind to see where things have done wrong in the past. You will feel charged-up with not only logical understanding but divine understanding. 

Illuminate Your Path to decision making about dating with 11 Steps in 7 Minutes a Day," a groundbreaking ebook designed to revolutionize your journey to clarity about how people attract each other and how their conversation takes place from different planes beside the physical plane. 

Drawing from years of research and personal experience, Alain and Danielle break down the process into 11 practical steps that require just 7 minutes of your day. From mindfulness exercises to journaling prompts, each step is carefully crafted to help you uncover your true path to self-love and loving others. 

The exciting thing with this work-e-book is, you will be the one in charge, doing the work, 11 minutes every single day. 


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