EBOOK: Your 3 Greatest Treasures
EBOOK: Your 3 Greatest Treasures

EBOOK: Your 3 Greatest Treasures

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 "Do you think the fact that you have no idea how long you were meant to be here is making you waste time?" 

 "Remember that the way you spend your time and energy is the way you spend your life." 

"Since time and energy are your real currencies on this planet, not having them is the true meaning of poverty."

"When you are intentional about how you spend your life, you are honoring the sacredness of life and that makes you sacred."

 "A sacred human being gets the attention of the forces of the universe to cause the earth to begin to unveil its magic."

"Not making a decision about how you want to live is asking for unstable events and emotionally unbalanced people to show up in your life and your universe."

"You are not here alone. Everything is watching you. Your energy has been read and manifestations are happening according to your vibe. Your vibe is a message."

 "Trust me, everything that has been happening to you prior to your birth to this point is justifiable in the bigger picture of things."

"Once you create a clear structure about your life and once you start living intentionally, watch how the universe will respond."

 "Have a daily structure to flow into your activities with grace, getting things done, and you will start having showed up in your life things that will enhance harmony, order, and intentionality."


This large print and simple to read book is another masterpiece of Spiritual Teacher Alain Dagba. The book reveals the importance of making your spiritual vow as a soul on earth and shows you how to make this vow in order to summon the invisible forces within you and in the cosmos to work with you in fulfilling that vow. 

The author challenges the reader to find the Three Greatest Treasures given to all humans to facilitate the making of this vow. The book shows a clear map to manifesting this vow into living a life of amazing, wonderful, unforgettable, and breathtaking life experiences. 

The most eye-opening truth the book displays is the reality of everything on earth being for sale and must be purchased using your three greatest gifts. 

If you are someone who has been struggling to understand why certain events happened in your life, this book will show you how to use your earthly vow to live in the mystery of life and let the answers find you from a place of total surrender. 

Lastly but not the least, the book provides the ingredients to help you design your daily life using your spiritual and earthly vow as an anchor and a compass at the same time. The author called the process of designing each day toward your vow: SCULPTING, a higher level of living an intentional life so that you do not scam yourself and waste your energy in places you are not meant to.